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  • Real-time crystal clear sound without distortion
  • Detailed 3 dimensional sound reproduction
  • Reduction in psychological stress

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Real-Time 3-Dimensional Sound.

From audiophiles to audio engineers, the groundswell of enthusiasm for this new technology is amazing listeners and perplexing competitors. Hear sounds in your music that you have never heard before. Locate sound sources on the left, right, front and back. Listen to the delicate vibrato of a singer and the pure sound of an instrument, without distortion.

Latest News

China joins the United States and Russian governments in granting patent status to HDSS® Technology

The Chinese Patent Office has decided to grant patent rights to Chinese application claiming the US Priority for “Closed Loop Embedded Audio Transmission Line Technology” in the name of TBI Audio Systems LLC...

ETL Technology is a revolutionary patented technology that when applied to a sound system keeps the pressure constant by preventing heat buildup in the enclosure thereby eliminating distortion.


Audiophiles Weigh In. Get the rundown on how audio experts and enthusiasts measeure sound, then discover why they love HDSS®!


WHY HDSS? Traditional audio technologies utilize various materials and electronic parts in attempting to solve the heat dilemma inherent in sound reproduction.


HDSS® is Everywhere

We are in nearly every type of sound reproduction product, for example, subwoofers, loudspeakers, earphones, karaoke speakers, car speakers, sound bars, internet radios, iPod players, computer speakers, laptop computers, TV's, etc.


"Listening to Steely Dan's "My Rival" , we were struck by these speakers' ability to deliver silence between the notes in the song's arrangement..."

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