HDSS: 3 Unique Advantages

  1. Wide soundstage
  2. High definition
  3. Stress reduction

Audio Solution

Small soundstage

Wide soundstage

Small soundstage

Wide soundstage



A New Standard in Sound Definition Has Arrived - HDSS Audio

Finally, a solution to the nearly 100 year old audio engineering dilemma: How do you reduce distortion and noise caused by the heat generated by a vibrating speaker cone? The answer: HDSS Technology. From audiophiles to audio engineers, the groundswell of enthusiasm for this new technology is shocking listeners and perplexing competitors. Hear sounds in your music that you have never heard before. Locate sound sources on the left, right, front and back. Listen to the delicate vibrato of a singer and the pure sound of an instrument, without distortion.
"I have done some casual listening to the TBI speakers. I find the sound certainly smooth and pleasing to the ear. There is ample bass considering driver dimensions. Vocals are clear and impulses are without ringing."
Dr. West is known world-wide as the co-inventor of the electret microphone. He holds more than 60 U.S. patents and more than 200 foreign patents during his 40-year career with Bell Laboratories. He has authored or contributed to more than 150 technical papers and several books on acoustics, solid-state physics and materials science.

Experience HDSS Real-Time 3D Sound

Our patented technology offers real-time crystal clear sound without distortion and has shown to reduce stress and provide a detailed three-dimensional sound reproduction. Audiologists and gamers alike agree the HDSS technology changes the way you listen to just about anything.

HDSS Sound Beneficiaries

Hard of Hearing
Recover dimensions of sound that have been lost
Offer hope to tinnitus patients for pain resolution
Young Listeners
Can enjoy music without playing it loudly to reduce potential hearing loss
Music Lovers
New appreciation for the undistorted sounds and tones of their favorite music
Earphone Users
Experience unprecedented clarity and depth of sound
Hear all the sound nuances from your favorite shows/source
Home Theater Users
Enjoy dramatically increased depth of cinematic sound
Experience a more immersive sound experience and reduced playing fatigue
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