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HDSS® Pioneers aNew age in Sound Reproduction

HDSS® is a registered trademark of TBI Audio Systems LLC (TBI), a U.S. technology company formed in January 2006 under the laws of the State of Delaware. TBI owns the Embedded Transmission Line (ETL) patents.  

The HDSS® trademark is registered in all major world markets. ETL technology has been granted patents in the United States, Russia, China, and Australia; and has patent pending status in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, India, Europe, and Canada.

ETL technology maintains constant pressure in a cylinder by causing the heat generated by a piston working in that cylinder to be dissipated as it increases. TBI commercially demonstrated the operation of the technology in loudspeaker systems where the loudspeaker driver (a piston) has to reproduce many frequencies simultaneously creating varying wavelengths for air pressure changes with minimal reaction time to maintain the pressure constant – without this constant pressure the sound has to distort. By preventing the heat buildup ETL has solved this scientific problem in loudspeakers bringing listeners a clear and natural sound. [HDSS®]

TBI has engineering and research and development facilities in Malaysia, Taiwan, and Marietta, Georgia.

Mr. Jan Plummer who lives in Marietta, Georgia is the inventor of ETL. He has several patents in the area of sound theory. His first patent was granted in 1975. His most recent patents covering ETL were granted in 2007 and 2009.

We believe that ETL is the first significant development in audio reproduction theory since the 1925 invention of the Moving Coil Speaker patented by Bell Labs. Most improvements since then have centered on driver diaphragm materials and varied enclosures.

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