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Shape Technology Introduces Five HDSS® Mini-Speakers

Posted Tues 13 September 2011

Shape Technology Corporation, an innovative Taiwanese high-tech enterprise with factories and offices in Guangdong and Shen Zhen China that specializes in the development, manufacture, and marketing of top class portable music players and speakers, is introducing this fall five HDSS® mini speakers under the brand name XPLUS.

This fabulously looking quintet includes the SH-281 a rechargeable mini-speaker, the SH-280-D a stereo dual mini-speaker, the SH280-BT a Bluetooth mini-speaker, the SH280-SD a min-speaker with an SD card and a mp3 player function, and the SH273 a mini-speaker that takes full advantage of the design flexibility accorded by HDSS® sound technology.

Several consumer electronics OEM companies plan to introduce their new line up of HDSS® products within the next few months. We will keep you posted on developments.