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How Do Audiophiles Measure Sound?

The first term you are likely to encounter is FREQUENCY, the musical tones a speaker can reproduce. It is measured in Hertz (or, in the old days, Cycles per Second). Human hearing is considered to range from 20 Hz (very low bass tones) to 20 kHz or 20,000 Hz (the very highest treble). Theoretically, a speaker reproducing that range would sound realistic. But Frequency Range or width is not the most important factor in determining lifelike sound.

The Ultimate Dimension: REAL-TIME SOUND

Even speakers which meet all of the above requirements with flying colors, or sounds, to be more precise, may not be pleasing to the ear. And herein lies the greatest challenge to speakers since the beginning of SPEAKER time – and that dimension is, in fact, REAL-TIME SOUND. 

If you are listening to a live performance, you hear the delicate vibrato of the singers, and the pure sound of each instrument, without distortion. But once the sound has been recorded, and replayed through a speaker, that REAL-TIME SOUND is almost certainly distorted by the very nature of speakers themselves. Speakers create sound through vibration, but once the singer stops singing or the instrument stops playing a note, we want the vibration that created THAT sound to dissipate, so we can hear the next sound being played or sung. If the speaker keeps vibrating and resonating after that sound ceases, it distorts the next wave of music being played. It very literally changes the timbre of the original sounds recorded. And nearly all speakers continue to resonate after the initial sound has ceased.

Theoretical Physicist John Wheeler said, "Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.”  And THAT is what the ULTIMATE speaker accomplishes. It prevents everything from happening at once. It PURIFIES the music by STOPPING the sounds that should have stopped resonating after they were played. The ULTIMATE DIMENSION for measuring sound is REAL-TIME SOUND.  

“Listening to Steely Dan’s “My Rival” , we were struck by these speakers’ ability to deliver silence between the notes in the song’s arrangement...”

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