Why HDSS®?

SPEAKERS: The Achilles Heel in Sound Systems

Speakers are nearly always the most limiting factor in the reproduction of pure, natural, high fidelity sound. By their very nature, even the best speakers inherently distort sound quality. Because radiating cone-type speakers rely on the vibrations from sound waves to create sound in the first place, they are vulnerable to distortion from ambient sound waves.

Small soundstage

Wide soundstage

Small soundstage

Wide soundstage



8 Improved with ETL technology

The ETL loudspeaker systems at lower cost produce Natural, Real and Clear sound quality, which is unprecedented and previously unattainable level by traditional method. Below listed are the differences in between traditional enclosure system and ETL technology enclosure system.

# Items
1 Soundstage Wide Small
2 Stress Low and Relax High and Fatigue
3 Clarity Super Clear Unclear and Harsh
4 Liveliness Natural as Life Sound Dull and Plain Sound
5 Vibration Less More
6 Lower Volume Clear and Comfortable Not Stable and Noise
7 Bass Deeper and Natural Booming Bass
8 Sound Room Not Required Required

Sound wave is the key to decide sound quality.

HDSS® Pioneers A New Age in Sound Reproduction

HDSS® technology affects the audio reproduction world in two distinct ways:

Unlimited size utilization: The size and shape of the speaker box does not determine sound quality. The beauty of ETL modules is that they can be developed to fit any product. This allows small and creatively shaped audio products to produce a big and natural sound quality.

Cost efficiency: ETL module material and production costs are minimal, which allows audio manufacturers to add the technology to their products for pennies, and in some cases at no additional costs, considering likely savings in product material costs.

Given the superior quality of audio, HDSS technology will become a demand, if not a necessity, for any customer in the market for smartphones, earphones, automobile audio systems, televisions, loudspeakers, home theater audio systems, AI speakers, or public address systems.